HAZOP Study in a Chemical Plant

HAZOP Study in Chemical Plant is now the default method of not only assessing the risk level of the plant, but also helps in maintaining the same risk level throughout its life cycle. A typical facility that produces chemicals can be said to have a life of at least 50 years. This is true whether it is  a batch process or a continuous process. Now 50 years is a really long time for a plant and during this time it may go through several modifications, retrofits and upgrades. The safety of the plant assets (and also of the people working inside, people staying outside and the environment) is of prime importance during all these modifications. So how to ensure that safety is not compromised with any of these changes? Simple, do a HAZOP Study of the Chemical Plant, every time there is a change and not only the first time that it is built. There may be many factors that get overlooked and these can cause the entire facility to go kaput. So it is better that it undergoes a complete safety and operational review, which is what really happens during a Hazard and Operability Study.  The team analyzes the possible deviations in the operations and suggests mitigations for all of the ones that could cause problems. Note that one has to be trained properly to do this as the effectiveness depends heavily on the competence of the people who carry out the study.Hazop Study Chemical Plant

So how do you then ensure that these people are competent and do a good job?  There are two options, one is to only hire those who have vast experience in carrying out these studies. This option is generally difficult because you need people who have the experience, but are also familiar with the process in your plant (in order to be effective). So a better option would be to have such a person as a facilitator, who can help the persons who know the process intimately in carrying out the study. The second option is to train your own people, who are familiar with your plant process, to do the HAZOP Study. Until now the second option was also difficult because of the time and cost involved in training multiple people. Now however, it has become much cheaper, simply use technology to do this. The e-learning software shown below can help your people learn faster and also you can test their knowledge when they take the associated exam and pass. That way you can be sure that your people are not only trained, but also certified, which you can show to any authorities that have jurisdiction over your plant.

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