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HAZOP is not a word actually, but an acronym (short form) that stands for HAZard and OPerability technique. This is a risk assessment technique, that is used in industries such as Power Generation, Chemical manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Food and Beverage, Pharma manufacturing  and many others. It is not very common in the discrete parts manufacturing industries such as automobiles or machine building. HAZOP is a kind of subjective risk assessment technique, the effectiveness depends on the people who carry it out. Generally no numbers are involved (as in QRA or Quantitative Risk Assessment) but simply a list of intentions and deviations that can happen (instead of the intention) of the unit operation. To ensure that everything is accounted for, a list of standard guide words is used and the formats for recording the HAZOP Study findings are decided before the HAZOP Study starts.

HAZOP cannot be carried out by a lone safety professional acting on his own, but it is a team effort. A HAZOP Team is multi-discipinary, with a HAZOP leader, a HAZOP Scribe or HAZOP Secretary and participants who are engineers, mechanics, operators and others from the field. It is essential that HAZOP be carried out in a well defined and standardized manner. Thus it is important that one has some kind of formal training, before one can contribute to a HAZOP team. The easiest and best way to learn HAZOP is by making use of technology.

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