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HAZOP is short form for Hazard and Operability Study. It is one of the most popular Risk Assessment techniques in use today across a wide spectrum of industries including, but not limited to, Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Glass, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Power Generation, Mining and so on. The only kinds of industries that do not use this method for Risk Assessment are industries that do basically discrete parts manufacturing like Automobile manufacturing, machine tools, etc. It is even used in places like Steel Plants and Foundries.

Hazard and Operability Oil Refinery

The technique was first used as a Risk Assessment technique in the UK in Imperial Chemical Industries, (ICI for short) which was one of the largest Chemical companies in the world at that time. ICI was looking for ways in which accidents and maloperation could be avoided in its manufacturing plants. Since these chemical plants processed a lot of hazardous chemicals, they could not afford to have accidents or shutdowns. They were truly pioneers in this kind of thinking (remember, this was many years before the infamous Bhopal industrial disaster). ICI to its credit did not patent or copyright this technique and it grew beyond ICI’s boundaries and got rapid acceptance across the industry and even with regulatory authorities in most countries of the world.  ICI does not exist together as a group or as legal entity today, they got bought, sold and merged/demerged several times, to the point where the plants exist, but not as ICI. However the technique that they pioneered exists today in all corners of the world.

The process of carrying out Hazard and Operability Study with regards to an industrial operation, is similar to a Safety Study. It is not a lone venture. It is a team effort, led by a team head called a Leader (or Chairman) and assisted by a much-talented team of technical professionals including engineers from disciplines like Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Instrument and so on, operators and operations supervisors who actually work in the plant area under study and other technical staff such as mechanics, technicians and others and of course the Process Safety guys. Lastly the team also has a  Scribe (or  Secretary) who notes down the steps carefully, either using a Spreadsheet template in Excel or in a Documenting Software.

It is not just the job of just the Safety Manager or Process Manager, it is team effort involving all disciplines. If you are working in any of the above industries, it is essential that you understand and become competent in this technique.

Safety and especially Process Safety has become very very important today (even as compared to Occupational Safety), since one Occupational Safety error (say, not wearing a helmet) may result in an injury to that one person who does not wear it, but a Process Safety design error can cause a catastrophe that has the potential to damage millions of dollars worth of equipment, injure several people and not just in the plant but even outsiders and cause environmental damage (think oil spills or emissions). Hence everyone connected with the Process Industry MUST know about Process Safety and risk assessment techniques. Not just know (as in being aware that such a technique exists) but be really proficient in it. Also employers and regulatory authorities, must ensure that the people who do this critical work are properly trained and qualified for it. Thus they should check the credentials of the persons who carry out the work and ensure that they are trained and competent, preferably certified by an independent, third party.

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