HAZAN is short for Hazard Analysis. It is different from HAZOP where we analyse all the possible deviations using guidewords and then try to find causes for those deviations, then mitigate them via either protective measures or operating procedures.

However it is also different from HAZID where only the hazards are identified.

In HAZAN we go a little further and carry out an analysis of all the hazards so identified. In short while carrying it out, the hazard analyst asks three questions mainly:

  1.  How often?
  2. How Big?
  3. So what?

These three questions answer the basic raison d’etre about doing such an analysis. The first question tries to quantify the hazard by asking how often it happens? If you are doing it for a plant and if one of the hazards is a meteorite strike, then one should ask how often will this hazard be encountered? If it is highly unlikely, then we can ignore it as there may be other bigger hazards that are more likely to occur and need to be addressed first.

The second question actually tries to answer the consequences part. Assuming your identified hazard passes question 1 (it is likely to occur) then  the second question tries to evaluate if some really large and ugly consequences could result. If the answer to this is Yes or maybe, then the third question tries to ask if we can mitigate these consequences or whether they are really as bad as made out to be OR whether we can devise some protective measures, so that we can safely ignore them?

However the Institution of Chemical Engineers UK says that  hazard analysis is the identification of undesired events that lead to the materialization of a hazard, the analysis of the mechanisms by which these undesired events could occur and usually the estimation of the extent, magnitude and likelihood of any harmful effects (Comment: this part is more of consequence analysis than hazard analysis per se)

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