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One of the best ways to learn about HAZOP, (after you’ve learned all the fundamentals of the method, of course) is by carrying out hazop analysis of real life plant operations. If you do not have access to this, then you can actually learn from a real life analysis case study. This way you can understand the particular plant, or the node of that particular plant, of which HAZOP Analysis has been done and the way it is analysed, using the techniques that you learn when you study HAZOP.

The hazop analysis case study that you have should have a hazop worksheet, either as a plain hazop worksheet template or as part of a hazop analysis software package. Whether it is a traditional legacy hazop worksheet template or part of a hazop software package does not matter, what does matter is that the document or sheet that you use contains all the necessary hazop guide words, that are essential to do the hazop analysis.

For example, take a look at the picture below. It is actually a screenshot of the animation that you will find in the HAZOP e-learning course (shown below). It shows a plant that has a reactor that processes two reactants to make a product. Steam and cooling water are used to control the reaction temperature. There are various possibilities to be considered, including the fact that the final product can cause an explosion if a runaway reaction takes place, if the temperature is exceeded. All these possibilities should be covered by proper usage of the guide words in the hazop worksheet. As a learner, it is helpful that you actually analyse this hazop analysis case study, as if you were actually carrying out the hazop, so that you will understand various aspects of the technique.

In the below HAZOP Case Study, you will be presented with a proper P & ID of this process and then you will be stepped through the various guide words, intentions, deviations and mitigations, using standard HAZOP formats. It will feel as though you are yourself involved in carrying out the HAZOP of this plant.

What are the advantages of using this hazop e-learning course instead of a hazop book or a hazop pdf to learn about HAZOP?

There are several advantages to learning the HAZOP Risk Assessment technique by using this HAZOP e-learning course, as against using a hazop book or a hazop pdf. These are listed below

  1. The Abhisam HAZOP e-learning course covers everything that you need to do to carry out a HAZOP analysis in today’s industrial environment. Many hazop books or hazop pdf documents that you find on the internet are old and outdated. They are also not as comprehensive as the Abhisam HAZOP e-learning course.
  2. It is important to understand important concepts such as intentions and deviations. These are explained using easy to understand animations and videos.
  3. It is also easy to learn HAZOP analysis by understanding initially simple industrial process operations and what can go wrong in them. These are shown as animations, which makes them super easy to understand. It is impossible to have the same effect on your brain while reading an old hazop book or a dry hazop pdf!
  4. The Abhisam HAZOP e-learning course includes real life HAZOP Case Study with real life hazop worksheets, that you can use in your own workplace. It also covers hazop audits, which are seldom covered in a hazop book or a hazop pdf
  5. It also has situational videos that help learn management aspects of the HAZOP analysis method. It is not enough simply to learn guide words and jump into doing hazop, you must familiarize yourself with several management aspects
  6. After you complete the Abhisam HAZOP e-learning course, you can take an online exam that evaluates your knowledge and on passing gives you a Certificate of Completion! You can use this to get promoted, or to get that new job or impress your boss or client. Furthermore you can also get an electronic badge, that conforms to the Mozilla Open Badge standard. Show the badge on your LinkedIn profile, or in your email signature!

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HAZOP Case Study Abhisam

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