What does HAZOP Analysis software really do?  It helps us carry out all the documentation that a HAZOP study needs to.  Do you really need a software to do a HAZOP? Not really. Many people have the mistaken impression that a HAZOP is done by the software automatically! Laughable but true! Over the years we have received enquiries from people who want a HAZOP Software package that can just do the HAZOP on its own! It is not clear what the employers of these people will do with these employees, who are supposed to carry out HAZOP on process plants, if the employees find some software that does their work for them automatically 🙂

Or  they think that without a software package, one cannot carry out a HAZOP at all. This is patently ridiculous. HAZOP does not involve any calculations or similar stuff. The HAZOP analysis software that is presently on the market cannot be even remotely compared to something like AutoCAD or even to orifice plate flowmeter design software that calculates the diameters and pressure drops across orifice plate flowmeters. A HAZOP software merely documents the HAZOP, which BTW a human is supposed to do, as part of a team of multidisciplinary experts.In that sense, it should be called a HAZOP documenting software and not as a HAZOP analysis software.

The only advantage that I see is that the HAZOP software allows you to document everything in a structured way. This means that once a set of guide words is decided, you will not miss any, or you can search for information in  completed HAZOP studies easily.

But then the same can be done using a good Excel spreadsheet too, only thing one has to be careful about is the format (or template) for the HAZOP study. The template should include all the guide words, must consider all deviations and mitigations. It should be also organized in a structured manner, so that retrieval of information is easy.

If you are looking for some good templates to use in your HAZOP study, then look no further than this HAZOP training course that includes all kinds of HAZOP templates and examples, including CHAZOP (Computer HAZOP) standard templates with examples.

What’s more you can get this HAZOP software (e-learning course) in various versions too- whether you are looking for online access or would like to download it to your PC. Check out the various versions below.

(works with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10).


1. Standard Download Version (works on any ONE PC, THREE years License, Windows OS only)

$499 US only


2. Online Version (NO Download, get online access for ONE YEAR, Windows or Mac)

$3299 US only


3. Enterprise Version (with several BONUS modules).  Train 10 learners for  $3600 US only for ONE year.  Access from any PC/Mac/Tablet that supports a browser with Flash



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P.S. Do you want to know the FULL COURSE CONTENTS of this course? Then download this pdf about HAZOP that explains everything in more detail.