HAZOP Software

HAZOP as you know stands for HAZard and OPerability Study. It involves the use of Guide words that are used on nodes to find out deviations from intentions and if any of the deviations look like they may result in unwanted consequences, then we have to have mitigations in place against those deviations. The whole process of carrying out a HAZOP is basically manual. There is no magic software that can do all the HAZOP for you on pressing the “Start” button πŸ™‚

However many people do not realize this simple fact. They keep on searching for HAZOP Software thinking that

a) You need a software package to conduct a HAZOP (Hint: You don’t!)

b) Having a software package means that your HAZOP will be done by the software (Hint: It won’t!)

HAZOP is basically an intelligent study by a team, led by a team leader (known as the HAZOP Leader or HAZOP Chairman). They have to minutely examine each node in a plant, apply guide words to it and study if every intention results in an unwanted deviation. If it does, one has to make a mitigation. For example if the intention is to fill a tank with oil and the possible deviation is that it may result in an overfill, then the mitigation has to be decided by the team for example, install a level switch that shuts off the flow, or generate a level alarm that alerts the operator who then shuts the pump and so on. Will a software be able to do this automatically??

The so called HAZOP Software that is available in the market is basically a HAZOP Documenting software. It just helps you document the entire process of carrying out the HAZOP. You can also use an Excel sheet to do it BTW which is cheaper. Formats for doing it?Β  Simple, use the ones in our e-learning course on HAZOP.

Yes, we have another kind of HAZOP Software. No it won’t do your HAZOP for you, but it will teach you all about HAZOP, better than any book or classroom course can.


Because it uses animations and simulations, videos and real life examples, to teach the core concepts of HAZOP. Recall the old saying”A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well no doubt, but an “animation is worth a thousand pictures (and lectures)”. The fantastic interactive animations in the course show you what happens in industrial processes, how deviations happen, that can lead to accidents and how to prevent them using HAZOP.

This HAZOP e-learning course is a software program that helps you learn all about HAZOP. What’s more, you can also get certified on completion of the course if you pass the free online exam, that you take after you finish the course.

To buy the course, simply select one of the three options below. If you are an organization, then this same course is also available as an Enterprise solution with even SCORM compatible versions that run inside of your organization’s LMS (Learning Management System).

What’s more you can get this HAZOP software (e-learning course) in various versions too- whether you are looking for online access or would like to download it to your PC. Check out the various versions below.

(works with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10).


1. Standard Download Version (works on any ONE PC, THREE Years License, Windows OS only)

$499 US only


2. Online Version (NO Download, get online access for ONE YEAR, Windows or Mac)

$399 US only


3. Enterprise Version (with several BONUS modules).Β  Train 10 learners forΒ  $3600 US only for ONE year.Β  Access from any PC/Mac/Tablet that supports a browser with Flash



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