HAZOP Training can be done in different ways. The first is of course the traditional classroom approach, where one travels to a location to come face to face with a trainer, who will then teach you about HAZOP. This method is now getting obsolete because of the following problems:

  • No Time. Seriously, after working for more than 8 hours in the office or factory or site, how can you expect somebody to then go to a different location to study HAZOP?
  • No study leave- sometimes bosses may not allow you leave to study HAZOP.
  • Classroom course is in a different city/state/country- extra costs and time spent
  • What if the instructor is no good or worse, boring??!!
  • Cost of classroom courses are high, not because the providers are making big bucks, but because they need to pay the trainer, rent the venue, arrange for lunch/coffee, stationery and so on.
  • May not be available when YOU need it or want it
  • What if you forget everything after 2 weeks??

I could go on and on you know, but then we are here to show you a better alternative, not complain about the old ones. We now have a software program, an e-learning course that can be either downloaded to your computer or accessed online that teaches you all about HAZOP. It has animations and simulations, that explain key concepts, it has real life examples, real life formats, it explains the different kinds of HAZOPs, uses videos (these are not videos of a trainer speaking BTW but situational videos) and also a self assessment test. To top it all, when you finish the HAZOP e-learning program, you can take an online exam, that on passing leads to your Certification!

To buy the course, simply select one of the three options below. If you are an organization, then this same course is also available as an Enterprise solution.

What’s more you can get this HAZOP software (e-learning course) in various versions too- whether you are looking for online access or would like to download it to your PC. Check out the various versions below.

(works with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10).


1. Standard Download Version (works on any ONE PC, THREE Years License, Windows OS only)

$499 US only


2. Online Version (NO Download, get online access for ONE Year, Windows or Mac)

$399 US only


3. Enterprise Version (with several BONUS modules).  Train 10 learners for  $3600 US only for ONE year.  Access from any PC/Mac/Tablet that supports a browser with Flash



Not Sure? See the Demo here!