HAZOP Meaning

HAZOP stands for HAZard and OPerability Study. As the name denotes, it involves assessing the hazards and operability issues in an industrial setting. Thus we can say that HAZOP is a risk assessment technique which is used to get an idea of risk that exists in industrial operations such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Manufacturing, Water treatment, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Mining and Metals, Power Generation and similar industries. One does not find it used much in industries that are of the “discrete parts manufacturing type” such making machined parts, or building automobiles or other widgets.

Remember that the acronym HAZOP also includes the letters OP (standing for Operability) and so it can also be used to assess not just the risk, but also the operability issues in a plant or facility. However one can say that most HAZOP studies are carried out more to assess the risks, rather than operability factors. This technique is not however meant to be used only by Safety professionals in industry. Everyone who works in the chemical, petrochemical, Oil & gas and other industries that have a high degree of hazards, should be aware of not only HAZOP meaning, but also the actual technique itself.


The reason is that safety in such plants does not happen in a vaccum. It is not just the Safety Manager’s responsibility. It is EVERYBODY’s responsibility. This is because safety isssues can arise because of defects and deviations in any of the multiple disciplines that it takes to run todays modern complex plants, such as Mechanical, Piping, Process, Instrumentation & Control, Electrical- just to name a few. The method recognises this aspect and thus it is meant to be carried out by precisely such a multidisciplinary team of engineers, operators and technicians in addition to the Safety Manager or Safety Officer who is tasked with safety in the plant.

Today, if you work in such facilities and you also know (and can use) this important tool, then you are an asset to the organization and will find it relatively easy to retain your job or assignment. But how do you learn about it thoroughly? Not just by surfing the internet or hanging around on various LinkedIn groups, where people discuss about it without actually getting trained! You will find a lot of people in such groups who have only half knowledge and nevertheless are trying to impress other members. It reminds us of the famous story of the seven blind men and the elephant. (See picture below). In case you have not heard about it, it is about some blind men who encounter an elephant. Since they cannot see him they touch his various parts and try to guess what he must be looking like. So the one who touches his trunk, thinks that it must be like a snake, somebody who tries to feel his foot think it must be a tree and so on. Ultimately they are all wrong because they cannot see the big picture.

Seven Blind men and elephant
Seven Blind Men and Elephant

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