About Us

The HAZOP Study technique is one of the most popular Risk Assessment techniques available today and is used extensively in a wide variety of industries such as Mining, Mineral Processing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing including Bulk Drugs and Formulations, Food Processing, Paints and Varnish manufacturing, Chemical and Petrochemical processing, Oil & Gas Exploration, Production and Refining, Power Generation, Fertilizers and many more.

We are a group of engineers interested in disseminating knowledge about various topics, mainly related to process safety in the industry. This website has been started as a repository of best practices regarding not only this technique, but of also other risk management and risk mitigation methods that are used worldwide. In this site you will find various resources including whitepapers, ppt presentations, brochures, pictures, videos, software demos and trial versions and other stuff that we have gathered in one place. You are free to use the information herein, but do not copy any articles or other resources as they are copyrighted. If in doubt, always contact us.

This site has been made for people who are wanting to get more information about this technique or to learn it well and get certified in HAZOP.

To Contact Us, please send an email to admin[at]hazop-study.com