Human Factors and Human Errors

Traditionally, in a HAZOP Study, the deviations were generally process oriented and not focused on human errors. However, many of the deviations that happen could also be either due to human error (inadvertent mistakes) or human actions (incompetency or malfeasance). How to tackle this while doing a HAZOP Study is to actively list them down and think about what mitigation actions or other safeguards can be built in. Even today, several accidents can happen due to pure human error at the operational level such as the one where a plant operator mistakenly unloaded a road tanker of Hydrochloric acid into a tank containing 600 cubic meters of 96% Sulfuric Acid (Oleum). It resulted in a violent reaction and considering the quantities involved, must have been really scary! The vapor cloud that resulted from it affected more than 150 people, not only in that chemical facility, but also in the surrounding factories!

So what went wrong? Probably there were procedures that did not get followed, checklists that did not get checked and so on. It was clearly a case of human error. In the latest version of the training course, human factors have also been considered in the worksheets.

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