HAZOP Training

HAZOP Training can be done in any of FOUR different ways

Technique 1. Do it for free by surfing the internetΒ  πŸ™‚ OK- I am kidding, you can’t really do that IMHO because of the following reasons:

  • There is too much of half baked information about the HAZOP technique online and it is scattered all over, a herculean effort to search, gather, correlate, curate and understand in a limited time span.
  • It is unsubstantiated and unverified, especially on social media, where any Tom, Dick or Harry can post anything-may be true or maybe BS- no way to know.
  • You can read Wikipedia. But then that is hardly a route to know exactly how to carry out a HAZOP or participate in one. At best it can only give you background information
  • There is no third party corroboration (that you have studied HAZOPΒ  and know all about it).

Technique 2. Buy books. The problem with this is that:

  • You will need to buy several books, some of which are clearly past their useful date as they were written ages ago (although many have been re-printed recently)
  • Again the problem is of referring to different books, different writing styles, terminologies and trying to correlate everything and make sense of it
  • There is no third party corroboration (that you have studied HAZOPΒ  and know all about it).

Technique 3. Enroll in a classroom or university course. The problem is that:

  • You should have a course going on that you can find time to attend after your hectic work schedule, or your boss has to allow you to take a break
  • You may learn everything right and then forget about it after a few weeks! Will you need to take a refresher?
  • The trainer may not be so good, you may or may not understand what he is explaining, not every good professional can be a good teacher as well
  • Cost will be the highest as compared to the other techniques discussed here.
  • There may or may not be any third party corroboration (that you have studied HAZOPΒ  and know all about it). You may or may not be awarded a certificate- it all depends on the kind of course that you attend. There may or may not be an exam. If you do not have to take an exam and everybody who attends (even though they may be sleeping off in the class) gets a “Participation Certificate” it will have no value in real life.

Technique 4. Download or Access Online the Abhisam HAZOP e-learning program. The advantages are

  • Download the program instantly to your Windows computer and start learning immediately. Or if you have a Mac, opt for the online version that you can access via the Internet
  • Developed by a group of industry practitioners. Highly accurate and real life examples make it very relevant and up to date.
  • Animations and simulations bring everything to life. No more listening to boring stuff! See it in action
  • It is not a ppt or a video of a trainer speaking- it is a full fledged e-learning program with text, animations, graphics, real examples and cases from industry, useful formats that you can use in your own HAZOP studies.
  • Third Party corroboration. You get a free exam seat to take the online exam after you are confident that you have learnt HAZOP thoroughly. On passing you get a Certificate. Since you get it only after passing an exam (that is non-trivial), it has more value in the Job market.

Take a look at the video below to see more

Β So what are you waiting for?

To buy the course, simply select one of the three options below. If you are an organization, then this same course is also available as an Enterprise solution with even SCORM compatible versions that run inside of your organization’s LMS (Learning Management System).

What’s more you can get this HAZOP software (e-learning course) in various versions too- whether you are looking for online access or would like to download it to your PC. Check out the various versions below.

(works with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10).


1. Standard Download Version (works on any ONE PC, THREE Years License, Windows OS only)

$499 US only


2. Online Version (NO Download, get online access for ONE MONTH, Windows or Mac)

$399 US only


3. Enterprise Version (with several BONUS modules).Β  Train 10 learners forΒ  $3600 US only for ONE year.Β  Access from any PC/Mac/Tablet that supports a browser with Flash



Not Sure? See the demo here!