HAZOP Analysis is a technique of risk assessment of mainly industrial operations and is used extensively in a wide spectrum of manufacturing industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Power Generation and so on. It is not so popular in industries like machine building or discrete parts manufacturing. HAZOP is actually and acronym that stands for HAZard and OPerability Study and is many times referred to as HAZOP Study instead of HAZOP Analysis, but both terms mean the same thing. Many times it is simply called HAZOP.

HAZOP involves the analysis of each portion of a plant, called as a “node”. Every node is analyzed, using certain guide words to understand the design intention of the node. For example a node may consist of a pump that transfers a hazardous liquid from a day tank to a processing plant. The intention in this case is to pump the liquid from the day tank to the plant, but there may be deviations in this intention. These deviations may be dangerous and cause accidents. For example what if the amount of liquid pumped is more than what it is supposed to pump? What happens in case the pump starts, but there is no flow or there is a reverse flow? All these conditions are analyzed using these guide words and then we have a complete list of all the things that can go wrong. We then try to build in corrective measures (called mitigations) of these deviations.

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