HAZOP Standards

Hazard and Risk Assessment technique using HAZOP, has one well known standard, which is IEC 61882. This standard was first published in the year 2001 and was only revised recently.

IEC 61882:2016 provides a guide for HAZOP studies of systems using guide words. It gives guidance on application of the technique and on the study procedure. Documentation examples, as well as a broad set of examples encompassing various applications, illustrating the studies are also provided.  This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
– clarification of terminology as well as alignment with terms and definitions within ISO 31000:2009 and ISO Guide 73:2009;
– addition of an improved case study of a procedural HAZOP.

This standard can be downloaded after purchase from the IEC webstore.

This standard includes the Key features of his method including the principles of examination, design aspects (such as design requirements and design intent), relation to other analysis tools, limitations of the technique, using it during different lifecycle phases of the plant or facility right from concept to decommissioning. It also provides some useful Annexes that describe the recording and documentation aspects of the method, such as worksheets, marked up respresentations, some informative studies of non process industry situations such as trains(!)
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