HAZOP Analysis

HAZOP Analysis is nowadays the de-facto Risk Assessment Technique that is used in Process Industries, such as Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining, Chemical manufacturing, Mining, Pharmaceutical making, Water treatment, Pulp and Paper, Fibers and of course Chemical manufacturing. The word is actually an acronym and it stands for HAZard and OPerability Study. It was introduced by ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) of the UK.ICI does not exist any more in its earlier avatar, but this study technique that they first introduced has become mainstream and is thriving.

It is an analysis technique that can be used either at a higher (say plant site or factory level) as well as at the individual unit level. If a chemical processing plant, or an oil refinery has several units, then we can individually analyze each unit with this method. Thus if one has a distillation column in a unit, then one can do just the distillation column risk assessment if one wants to, say in a case where a distillation column has been modified or a new one installed in the distillation unit. It is one of the few risk assessment methods that allows us to be on a granular scale.

HAZOP Distillation Column
HAZOP Distillation Column

Similarly if one has a batch reactor, then one can do a HAZOP analysis of reactor and nothing else. This method allows us to select our units or equipment. Thus typical unit operations in a chemical plant , such as reactors and distillation columns can be subjected to a analysis individually.

This versatile tool is not just restricted to Oil  and Gas or Chemical Plants only, it is used extensively in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and similar industries. Thus if one can do this kind of study (analysis) for a fermenter, just as one could do it for a batch reactor. Furthermore, we can use this in all stages of the life cycle of the plant-right from a greenfield stage all through the installation & commissioning, operations, decommissioning upto the dismantling stage. This is the beauty of this tool.

HAZOP for fermenter in pharmaceutical industry
HAZOP Fermenter

The analysis makes use of guide words for particular situations and the step by step parsing of the guide words (from a pre-built standard list of guide words) results in several intentions and deviations.  These deviations are then analyzed and if found significant, should have mitigations in place, to reduce the risk.

Learning this tool is essential if you are involved in any of the industries mentioned above. This is because this kind of analysis requires the participation of multi-disciplinary team members and not just safety professionals. So a typical study will be carried out by a Leader supported by a Scribe (also known as a Secretary) and a team of engineers and operations staff, who know the industrial operational process very well.

To learn and become an expert in this tool, what is important is not only the theory behind the technique and the use of various templates and formats, but also actual case studies and examples. This is best learnt by the use of Abhisam’s e-learning course that has real life case studies and examples. The use of animations and simulations, various situational videos, ready to use templates and practical, real world situations and case study, makes it an excellent learning tool. Also, you can take an online exam and get certified in HAZOP on passing! This helps you demonstrate your competence to colleagues, your superiors and/or clients/customers.

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