HAZOP is a very popular Risk Assessment Technique that is used in many industries, but mainly in the Process Industries, such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Power generation and so on. It is also extensively used in Mining, Ore Extraction, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, food additives manufacturing, water and waste water treatment, pulp and paper and specialty chemicals. HAZOP stands for HAZard and OPerability Study and it was pioneered by Imperial Chemical Industries of the UK (which does not exist today in its original form, but the HAZOP technique is getting popular with every passing day).

The HAZOP analysis involves the extensive use of guide words for particular situations and the step by step parsing of the guide word list results in a list of intentions and deviations.  These deviations are then analyzed and if found significant, should have mitigations in place, to reduce the risk.

To learn about HAZOP, it is necessary to learn not only the theory behind the technique and the use of various templates and formats, but also actual case studies and HAZOP analysis examples. This is best learnt by the use of Abhisam’s e-learning course on HAZOP that has real life case studies and HAZOP analysis examples. The use of animations and simulations, alongwith various situational videos, ready to use templates, makes it an excellent learning tool. Also to top it all, you can take an online exam and get certified in HAZOP on passing!

See below an example of a HAZOP Analysis from the course. This is a very simple example and the course builds up more and more complex examples, so that you understand the technique very well. Note that this is a screen shot only and the actual HAZOP example will be “live simulation” type with buttons that generate deviations for the pharma CIP (Clean in Place) process shown here.HAZOP Analysis Example

The HAZOP pdf below explains all the details.  Download the HAZOP pdf here


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