HAZOP stands for HAZard and Operability study (it is an acronym) that was first introduced in the chemical industry by UK’s ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries). HAZOP can be defined as a structured risk assessment technique, that uses certain well defined “guide words” to analyse the possible deviations in a process node. Thus HAZOP is primarily used as a Risk Assessment technique, even though it has the word “operability” as part of its acronym. No doubt HAZOP is also used to test the operability aspects of a plant, but it is more used for analysing safety.

The HAZOP technique requires that the equipment or facility to be considered for analysis be broken down (conceptually of course!) into several nodes. Then each node is analyzed by the HAZOP analysis technique and findings noted down and compiled to get a Risk Assessment report.

A node can be any part of a process such as a storage tank, or batch reactor or a distillation column. The HAZOP analysis technique then parses these guide words in a structured way, so that all deviations can be listed and analyzed. If these deviations could result in accidents or other undesirable events, then mitigation (corrective) measures are suggested. The HAZOP technique has been well developed over the past 40 years or so and has become established as a primary risk assessment technique, not only in the process industries, but in also other industries, such as mining, power generation, fertilizers, pharmaceutical bulk drug production and so on. It has also been attempted to be used in the software industry, but had limited success. Notably HAZOP is generally not used in discrete parts manufacturing such as automobile manufacturing or machine tools production.

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