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As you probably guessed by now, this site is all about the HAZOP Study technique, that stands for the Hazard and Operability Technique, which was pioneered by Imperial Chemical Industries of UK in the 1960s, but now has become the de-facto accepted standard of Risk Assessment in the Process industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical as well as in Mining, Bulk material processing, Power Generation and so on. If you are working in any of these industries or are carrying out engineering related work for these industries, then you must know it. This study technique requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Thus study team may comprise of different engineering disciplines such as Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation/Control Systems engineering. They will also include operations staff such as field and panel operators, as well as Safety personnel. Typically they gather in a conference room, away from the hustle and bustle of daily plant operations and start breaking down (figuratively speaking of course!) various parts of the plant (as represented on a P & ID drawing, into byte sized chunks called nodes. Then using predefined guide words, every node is analysed to evaluate if any deviations would cause any trouble. Then we take steps to prevent these troubles from occurring. In essence this is the technique, but of course there is more to it and it is extremely essential that you know this in sufficient detail, if you wish to be a contributing member of such a team.

Now,  to study this risk assessment method,  there are essentially four ways to go about it as follows:

1. Surf the web for information. You will find plenty of information from blogs, online magazines, pdf documents, discussions in forums and so on-however there are several disadvantages. The information is so vast and so scattered that it will require considerable effort to collate everything and make sense of it. It is like trying to drink a glass of water from a fire hose. Secondly not all the information may be authentic. Thirdly even if you could distill all the information and it was authentic, how would you prove to a third person that you are now sufficiently conversant with it? So this method is ruled out. Lets check out the second method

2. Buy books on the topic. Nice conventional way to learn about it but if you see the books on the market today, you will have to go through at least a few of them to know all the different aspects of this versatile tool. And frankly speaking, it is a pain as many of them are written in a not so easy to understand style, but are very academic. Plus the books were written many years ago, so what you learn now may already be obsolete. Then of course the problem of proving your competency to a third party is still unresolved. How do you convince a third party (your boss, your client or a prospect) that you know the subject very well? So this method also has its flaws.

3. Enroll in a traditional classroom style training course . Well there are not those many going on ,but if you’re lucky you may find one. The downside is that you may need to travel to a different town, pay handsomely for it (these courses are not cheap), pay for your hotel stay and meals and so on.  Out of pocket expenses can add up very quickly, even if the training fee is somewhat sponsored, or at least partially subsidized by your employer. If you’re lucky, the trainer will be good and not bore you to death. If you are even more lucky, they may also have a certificate for you after you complete the course (to prove your competency to third parties). However what happens six months afterwards? You may forget what you learnt. Being part of a HAZOP team may be just part of your job description. So you may have to think about refresher training, that will again cost you a packet. So this method also has its drawbacks.

4. The last method is the best. Download the Abhisam  e-learning course today and start learning about this from the comfort of your home or office! The course comprises of not just text, but also animations and simulations, plus videos, that create a fantastic learning experience, so that you grasp key concepts easily. You can then take the built in self assessment test to know how well you have understood the subject. And once you finish that, you can take the Abhisam online exam to get certified (on passing). This proves your competency to third parties. The  e-learning course has been prepared by experts who have spent years in carrying out HAZOP studies. Inside you will find real-life examples and situations from industries, useful formats that will help you when you start carrying out your own studies. Finally if you ever need to refer to the course, it will be right there, sitting on your computer. No need to pay for any refresher training!

And all this for a one time low price of just $499 US for the Standard Version (single PC license) and $299 US for the Online version. So what are you waiting for?  Buy now to get an instant download to your PC (works with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10).


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P.S. Do you want to know the FULL COURSE CONTENTS of this course? Then download this pdf about HAZOP that explains everything in more detail.